Atlantic Tire Distributors ~ Policies



Free delivery once a week (on regular route schedule).

Free on 4 or more tires shipped (outside regular schedule).

1 Tire = $17.00 shipped (outside regular schedule).

2-3 Tires = $13.00 shipped (outside regular schedule).

Sale tires = $5/tire shipped (outside regular schedule).


No returns without authorization.

Tires must be returned within 30 days of billing date. (after that 15% restocking fee)

Tires must be in “new” condition and may not have been mounted.

Tires taken on bookings may not be returned.

Special order tires will carry a 10% restocking fee as well as any freight charges incurred.

Tires that have been shipped (outside regular schedule), freight will be billed back to the customer.

*These policies are in place to ensure that pricing may stay as competitive as possible

*We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future


Atlantic Tire Distributors offers a road hazard program which applies to all passenger tires sold by Atlantic Tire Distributors. This program will be applied after any manufacture road hazard program. Our program will cover the tire for one year from the date of purchase or the first 50% of the usable tread which ever comes first. Atlantic Tire Distributors will replace the un-repairable tire with the same or equivalent tire.  Any tire that has been driven on flat, road hazard does not apply.

Once the first 50% or 1 year has expired the road hazard warranty coverage will be null and void. Accounts that choose to participate in the road Hazard Program will be charged a $2.00 fee for ALL passenger rated tires purchased on the account


A tire that is damaged due to vandalism

A tire that is damaged , or failed due to racing or off-road use

A tire that is damaged due to an accident

A tire that is damaged due to the use of snow chains or studs

A tire that is repairable under Rubber Manufactures Association (RMA) standards

A tire that is damaged, or failed due to irregular wear caused by mechanical issues

A tire that has failed due to commercial use

Tires transferred from the vehicle upon which they were originally installed

Light Truck Tires